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Education: She undergraduated and obtained her Medical degree in the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Basque Country in Spain in 1981.

Predoctoral Scholar: She obtained a two years predoctoral scholar from Medicus Mundi of Barcelona and was trained as a Medical Cooperant to work in developing countries. She worked in Cameroun (Africa) during three years with the Spanish Cooperation in Developing Countries.

Specialization: In 1995 she completed the residency in General and Digestive Surgery in the Departent of Surgery of the Hospital Universitario Vall d´Hebron in Barcelona.

Fellowship in Liver Transplantation from 1996 to 2001 with Dr Carlos Margarit, the first surgeon doing a liver transplantation in Spain in 1984.

PhD on General and Digestive Surgery in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona in June 2000. Doctoral Thesis in “Risk factors for early morbimirtality after liver transplantation”. Excelent, Cum Laude.

Consultant Surgeon in the General Surgery Department of Hospital Universitario Vall d´Hebron, Barcelona, from 1996 to 2010. She worked toguether with Dr Carlos Margarit during 15 years.

Head of Section (Division of hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation) in the Hepatobiliopancreatic and Digestive Transplants Department of Hospital Universitario Vall d´Hebron, Barcelona, from February 2011.

Associate professor in General and Digestive surgery in the Schol of Medicine in the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, since 2003 onwards

Stages abroad

  • Stage in "Duke University", North Carolin, USA del 20- Noviembre-97 al 2-Diciembre-97 with Profesor Dr.Pierre Alan Clavien.
  • Stage in Seoul (South Corea ) with Profesor Sung Guy Lee and in Kyoto (Japón) with Profesor Tanaka , from 17 to 23 January 2005, attending the Fujisawa-Astellas teaching program in living donor liver transplantation.
  • Stage in Seoul (South Corea ) with Profesor Sung Guy Lee from 8 to 15 October 2006 in the University of Ulsan College and Asan Medical Center (Surgery Department), to learn techniques in living donor liver transplantation.

Publications: Chapter books and Oral Comunnications in National and International Congress. More than 250.

Research interests: Liver transplantation and inmunosuppression, risk factors studies after liver transplantation, HCV and liver transplantation, simulation strategies applied to liver surgery and medical teaching and regenerative techniques in transplantation. She is particularly interested in learning about the two lasts points.