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Professor in Medical Immunology

Personal Statement

Currently, I am full Professor in Medical Immunology and head of the Laboratory for Medical Immunology of the Department of Laboratory Medicine.of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (RUNMC). This Laboratory harbours a fully accredited medical immunology, bloodtransfusion and tissue typing laboratory. I am a registered Medical Immunologist (recognized by the Dutch Society for Immunology) and internationally accredited by ASHI and EFI as Tissue Typing Laboratory director. I received my PhD in 1990 in Immunology and over the years immunological T cell tolerance has been my main topic of research: from the basics of antigen specific T cell activation (i.c. MHC (HLA) polymorphism, peptide binding), to modulation of the response by peptide mediated TCR blockade, co-stimulation blockade, the induction of regulatory T cells and the modulatory effect of HLA-G. Immunotolerance has been studied in relation to autoimmune disease, pathological pregnancies and transplantation. I have published over a 100 peer reviewed papers on these subjects. My research is currently embedded in the Nijmegen Institute for Infection, Inflammation and Immunity (www.n4i.nl) and the Nijmegen Center for Molecular Life Sciences (www.ncmls.nl) Within this setting I have longstanding and close collaborations with a number of clinical departments (most notably, Hematology, Reumatology and Nephrology) and the national Bloodbank, next to local, national and international collaborations with research groups in the field. Particular attention is now focused on clinical application of cell based immunotherapy and patient immunomonitoring. I have received a substantial number of research grants from National and international scientific organizations. I am recognized as an expert in clinical (transplant) immunology, serve at the executive boards of the Dutch Transplant Society, the Society for Laboratory Medicine, the stem cell and cord blood donor banks of Eurocord Nijmegen, is a member of several national committees on research strategies, and training and education in immunological laboratory medicine. I teache and supervise graduate and post-graduate medical and biology students, as well as clinical trainees.