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Dr. Susan H. Hsu received her post doctorial training in Medical Genetics and subsequently in Immunogenetics at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution (JHMI) from 1971-1974. She became the co-director of the Immunogenetics laboratories at JHMI from 1978-1986. In 1984, she spent one sabbatical year in Prof. R.C. Huang’s Molecular Genetics laboratory at the Johns Hopkins University’s Biology Dept to become familiar with various mol. genetic techniques. Since 1987, she has assumed the directorship position of the Histocompatibility/Mol. Genetics dept at American Red Cross Blood Services, Penn-Jersey Region, Philadelphia, PA.

Dr.Hsu has solid background in genetics, cell biology, human pedigree analysis, biochemistry and molecular biology. Her Histocompatibility and Molecular Genetics laboratories provide comprehensive HLA services supporting hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; HLA matched platelet transfusion and engraftment monitoring post HSCT in various cell subsets etc. Her laboratory has received ASHI accreditation in the following areas: Hematopoietic Stem cell Transplantation, Transfusion support, Histocompatibility testing for other clinical purposes and Solid Organ Transplantation (inactive state at present).

Since 1993, her laboratory has been one of NMDP’s contract laboratories to type registry donors. Since 2001, Dr. Hsu has received NMDP’s contract award for Centralized Laboratory Testing Services to perform the final confirmatory HLA typing of cord blood units. Besides these NMPD typing contracts, Dr.Hsu has also received the following NMDP Research Contract Awards: Sample Storage Research Study; Acute Graft vs. Host Disease plasma biomarker Analysis in Baseline and Post-Treatment Patient Samples and Centralized Laboratory Testing Services for CCR5-delta 32 Mutation Screening in NMDP Adult Donors.