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Olivia M. Martinez, Ph.D.

Dr. Olivia Martinez was born and raised in East Los Angeles. She received her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern California, and her Ph.D. in Immunology from UC Berkeley. Dr. Martinez did post-doctoral training at UC Berkeley and UCSF before joining the Faculty at UCSF. Dr. Martinez has been on the Faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine for 16 years and is currently Professor in the Department of Surgery/Division of Transplantation, a member of the Program in Immunology, and Chair of Immunology’s Pre-Doctoral Program. She serves on the Steering Committee of the Immunity, Transplantation, and Infectious Disease Institute at Stanford University School of Medicine. The research in Dr. Martinez’ lab focuses on Epstein Barr virus B cell lymphomas in transplant recipients, the immunobiology of liver transplantation, stem cell transplantation, and strategies to induce transplant tolerance. Her research programs have been continuously funded by the NIH and other foundations for the past 19 years. She is author of over 75 original research publications and numerous reviews and chapters in the area of transplant immunology and B cell lymphomas. Dr. Martinez serves on the editorial board of Transplantation, Pediatric Transplantation, Transplant Immunology and Virology: Research and Treatment. She is the Associate Editor of Digestive Diseases and Sciences journal. Dr. Martinez has advised and mentored over 60 students at Stanford and received the Mentor of the Year award from the Immunology Program. Dr. Martinez has served on numerous NIH advisory and study section committees. She is active in several professional organizations including the American Association of Immunologists where she has held many leadership positions, the American Society of Transplantation where she has served as chair and member of numerous committees, and The Transplantation Society where she is a member of the Basic Science Committee. She served as Director of the AAI Course in Advanced Immunology. In recent years she has been a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from American Association of Immunologists and the Fujisawa Basic Science Award from the American Society of Transplantation. Dr. Martinez has a long-standing commitment to increasing the participation of women in leadership positions in transplantation.