Strategic Pillars and Goals

Pillar 1

Advancing and Inspiring
Women Transplant Professionals

Pillar 2

Championing Issues of
Sex and Gender in Transplantation

  • Ensure equity in transplantation professional society leadership

  • More women speakers in international and national meetings

  • More monetary grants/awards going to women transplant professionals

  • More women in the profession, connected to and supporting each other (formal and informal mentorship)

  • Sustainable funding going to projects (data collection, research, education) to address issues of sex and gender

  • Designated sessions on issues of sex and gender at all major national and international transplant meetings

  • Double the percentage of female organ transplant recipients (especially with countries with disparities)

  • Decrease disparities in the number of male and female living donors worldwide


  • Christine Falk, Germany - Pillar Leader
  • Curie Ahn, South Korea
  • Samantha Anthony, Canada
  • Krysten Klein Brand, United States
  • Lorna Marson, United Kingdom
  • Lisa Robinson, Canada


  • Bethany Foster, Canada – Pillar Leader
  • Anita Chong, United States
  • Chadima Divithotawela, Australia
  • Karen Dwyer, Australia
  • Lori Kautzman, United States
  • J.M. Kwakkel-van Erp, The Netherlands
  • Louise Lerminiaux, United States
  • Kamila Linhares, Brazil
  • Anette Melk, Germany
  • Rachel Patzer, United States
  • Ruth Sapir-Pichhadze, Canada
  • Maria Simonenko, Russia
  • Ifeoma Ulasi, Nigeria
  • Amy Waterman, United States
  • Sezen Yaras, Turkey
  • Naqi Zafar, Pakistan